How to Make Money on Instagram in 2023

Making money on Instagram is not a new concept anymore, everyone is aware of it.  A tons of people with large amount of followers are earning millions from Instagram. If you haven’t a good number of followers, then don’t worry. This article also covers about how to make money with just 1k amount of followers.

Instagram is one of the most popular social networking site worldwide with 1 billion active users.

Social networks like facebook, youtube, instagram were initially started as a medium to interact with the people. But later they changed their strategy and allowed users to earn money and hence increase their own revenue. For instance, inspiring by youtube, facebook has now allowed the monetization of videos and serves ads on it.

Making money on instagram is quite different from the above two. Here ads are not served by instagram, neither paid by it. The whole A to Z process is done by user itself.

The fact that how much you can earn on instagram depends on the credibility of you and your post. The more valuable you are among followers, the more you will earn. There are lots who are earning millions from instagram and get paid for each post they posted.

See the top highest earning people from instagram

  • Kyle Jenner – $1.2 million per post
  • Ariana Grande – $0.9 million per post
  • Christiano Ronaldo – $0.7 million per post

Requirements before you start earning on instagram

There is no minimum limits of followers required but since every thing depends on followers here, therefore the more number of followers you have and the more trust your followers have on you, the more chance of you to earn money. There are lots of articles on internet on how to increase your instagram followers, you can read it. Please keep in mind fake followers are not going to help you.

If you are a big public figure, you can create the instagram page of your name and start posting high quality pictures of your yourself regularly.

If you are not a famous figure and no one is going to trust you which is must here, then select a particular niche topic and create an instagram page dedicated to that topic and start posting high quality pictures of it.

For instance, you can make an instagram page of paintings-arts and start posting pictures of arts only. This way you can gain huge art loving followers even though your original name is unknown. Some hot topics for instagram are gadgets, lifestyles, arts, fashion, food, tour places etc.

Ways of making money on instagram

There are 3 white collar methods to make money on instagram used by millions. We are going to talk about these in details.

  • Working as an influencer
  • Working as an affiliate marketer
  • Becoming an entrepreneur

1. As an influencer

There was a time when brands used to spends thousands and even millions on giants billboards and magazines. But with the time, they have dramatically changed the way to advertise. They now invest more on person rather than static posters.

This helps brands to reach particular interest of peoples and get maximum results.

How do these works? Well take an example of Cristiano Ronaldo. In his normal looking posts, he usually shows his shoes, t-shirts, caps, watches etc. Brands paid him to show their products in his posts. His crazy millions followers have the potential to buy the same product by knowing the fact that Cristiano is using the same. And hence brands get advertise among the right buying people. This way Cristiano get paid for each normal looking sponsored post.

The fact that how much you will get paid for each post depends on the your followers engagement. The more your followers engage, means the more they like and comment on your post, the more you will get for a post.

For instance, Cristiano Ronaldo is the most followed person on the instagram right now, but in terms of earning from instagram. He is third. The first one is Kyle Jenner as she has good followers engagement rate.

How to make money on Instagram with just 10k or more followers?

What for you? Not being a celebrity, if you have created an instagram page of your name or of a particular topic (topic list have mentioned above in 2) and get 20-30k followers with good engagement rates, the brand will reach out to you and ask you to promote their products.

If you have built up your audience upto 30k followers with good engagements rate (around 8%), you can earn upto $350 per post. You can charge for—

  • Promoting a giveaway for a brand
  • A mention of brand in the caption
  • An instagram stories takeover of the brand’s account
  • Instagram Stories mentioning the brand.

Take an example of kaitkillebrew. She has created an instagram page dedicated to her love for Disney. Even though she has just 10k followers as of now, she’s already working with brands that are tapping into her niche audience.

According to Financial times, if you have an audience of 100,000, you can charge brand about 2700 USD per post.

Even though you have just about 1k or above followers on a very narrow particular niche topic with crazy engagement rates, you will get a pocket full of money.

2. As an affiliate marketer

Affiliate marketing is not a new concept. Tons of people are earning handsome amount of money from affiliate program, some are even million dollars.

The good part in this as compared to the above one is that you need not to have good amount of followers and need not to wait for the brands to reach out you. If you even have a followers limit of 3k who trust on you, then you will rock.

Affiliate is actually the link of a particular product which you share on your website, on your youtube video description and even on instagram page. If someone buy the product by going through the link, you will get the commission as the earning. Trust is very necessary here. The more your follower trust you, the more chance they will buy on your recommendation.

There are lots of sites which provide affiliate program but some hot ones are amazon affiliate which pay upto 10% and clickbank which pay upto the 70% of the product price as your commission. You can find similar other sites on internet.

For instance, if you have created an instagram page dedicated to drones and have engageable and interactive followers. Let us suppose you have posted an affiliate link on your instagram page of a particular drone from amazon of worth $100 and let amazon will pay you 5% of this price as your commission. If 100 people will buy that drone from the link you have shared, then an amount of $500 will accumulate in your amazon account as your commission.

3. As an entrepreneur

If you are an entrepreneur and have your own business, you can use instagram to promote your business and make deal from there.

For instance, if you are running a restaurant, then you can create an instagram page of food and start posting good quality pictures of dishes you deal in. Your food loving followers will buy your product by your given link.

For instance, if you are good at arts and paintings. You can create an instagram page dedicated to arts and paintings and post high quality eye-catchy paintings there. In your ‘about’ description you can write “These paintings are just for sample showcase of our work. If you want similar copyright free arts and paintings, you can purchase here by contacting us.”

For instance, if you are good at taking photographs, you can proceed similar way as stated in the above instance.

These are just three instances, but you can think yourself about different other ways of earning as an entrepreneur.